Rehabilitation Services 

Here at Freelandville Community Home, we are dedicated to residents’ success with rehabilitation and recovery. That is why we put together an outstanding team to provide personalized treatments both in-house and for outpatient programs with flexible scheduling. We invite family members to be apart of therapy sessions, caregiver education, and training.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team will perform an evaluation to determine what specific treatments would best serve each resident. The team will then create a tailored program to prevent and rehabilitate physical pain and impairment. 

We strive to maximize independence by targeting several areas of well-being for residents. Areas include increasing strength, mobility, and coordination as well as managing pain, promoting safety awareness, and teaching proper body mechanics.


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists are here to help residents develop, recover, improve, and maintain skills to accomplish everyday tasks in a way that is easier on the resident and prevents pain. The therapists may have residents work on tasks such as eating, dressing, bathing, or using the toilet independently. Occupational therapists may implement adaptive equipment or make modifications in the residents’ environment.





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